Do you have to be a doormat for insults and never stand up for yourself?


I work for a large electronic communication company. We mainly deal with businesses. We take 2 chats at a time and help users with questions about how to use our system.

This person chatted in asking how to do something. Our UI changed recently so I knew the option they were looking for had moved. I provided the steps to find it. I know they didn’t even try it because they immediately said “The option used to be there and now it’s gone.” So I re-worded my statement and sent it again. They said “Are you not familiar with your system?” And I just saw red immediately.

I have worked a lot of customer service jobs. I thought I was used to people being nasty, insulting my knowledge or skills, but in this role, it actually doesn’t happen that often. My skin has gotten soft. When this user said that, I fired back “Don’t start insinuating that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I am here to help you.”


I could have brushed it off and ignored it. It is chat after all. I could huff and puff at my desk and not send it back in messages. I just can’t stand that people like this exist in the first place.

Why the fuck is it acceptable for people to treat customer service like punching bags? And then when you refuse to take the whipping like some kind of slave, they immediately cry wolf. “WAHT? You can’t be rude back to me!! I’m gonna get you fired!”

It’s humiliating. I don’t get paid enough to be a doormat. Fuck that.

EDIT: I’m surprised how many of your are apologists for your employers and customers. I just think customers need to understand that paying for a service does not excuse them from treating the employees of that service like less than human. I don’t think there is any amount of pay that should justify having my dignity taken away. I realize I am being an idealist here and we live in an imperfect world, but I dream of that world where customers, at the very least, don’t think they have to insult and degrade us to get what they want.


What do you think?

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That’s what’s wrong with your company, you don’t pay attention.

I’m in a wind tunnel, but it’s your fault you can’t hear me.