“Is this the best you can do with your life?” or, How I Got Written Up For Insulting a Racist Homophobe … Part 2.


So if you remember [this post]( of mine from a couple days back, here’s the fun followup I got today.

Brief recap: I work in the call center for a public transportation agency and it’s a hard and fast rule we’re not allowed under any circumstances to hang up on a caller so whatever horrible abuse they throw at us we just have to suffer it until we decide we can’t take anymore and transfer them to a supervisor. Racist homophobe calls in, insults me to no end and I finally ask him “Really? This is the best you can do with your life? That’s grade school insults, man. Come on, you can do better than that.” At which point he threatened to murder me. You can read the post for the whole story.

Now, onto today.

I show up to work today and get told I have a meeting with my supervisors and HR.

See, when this all happened and the death threat started I documented exactly what he said in a group chat used in the office by the supervisory staff to monitor just these types of things so there’s a written record of any threats. I documented exactly what he said, including the part where he called me “a c-m sucking fa–ot ni–er AIDS monkey” among other colorful metaphors. Although I didn’t edit it as I did here.

And that was the problem. This meeting with HR and my supervisors was because *my* use of bigoted, homophobic terminology was “triggering” to other members of the staff.

So what was the outcome? A three day suspension.

That’s right. I’m suspended for three days for documenting the shit this dude called me. According to them I should have edited it, or just used vague terminology like “party using vulgar terminology and bigoted slurs.”

I did ask if there would be any consequence to the trashy scumbag who called in, block his number, file a police report, anything, and there was a hard no. “We don’t have authority to block the public’s access to basic services regardless of their opinions as to the parties performing those services. However, security has been notified of the threat and if there is determined to be any credibility to that threat it would be addressed accordingly, up to and including involvement of the police department.”

So yeah, nothing happens except I get suspended three days.

Don’t feel too bad for me, I already filed a grievance with my union and I’ve been guaranteed by them it’ll be overturned and I’ll get my back pay (apparently it’s not the first time something like this has happened) and in the meantime I get a three day vacation.

But damn, what a fucking joke.


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