Am I the problem?


I have been training with a company for about a month now. The company itself isn’t too bad, the pay is better than my previous call centre roles and they seem to be on top of everything in terms of how they run it and expectations.
However, I feel like I’m in a corporate daycare centre. We have to go on webcam and some of the TLs will ask us all to give a big happy wave to each other, they play music at the start of the day and during the last 5 minutes of our breaks to get us motivated, they display in the room gifs of cats or penguins and play games the last half hour of some days which usually involve people shouting out what song they hear playing or running and grabbing a certain item and being the first to run back to show it on cam.
I had a role play and the ‘coach’ was like “yea I really liked how you used phonetics because a P can sometimes sound like a T so well done, but just try to avoid saying “no problem” in the future because it’s negative language”. We also had a session on “how to ask questions”, like seriously?
The work culture is so centred around positivity and so patronising that it is almost nauseating. I feel like I am being conditioned to think and talk a certain way. But then I look at everyone else who seems to be enjoying it or just playing along, and then I look at myself who has already had four meetings with management because they are concerned about my attitude and my tendency to talk back and cause arguments and it makes me wonder, am I the problem; Is it just me? Maybe I should just be open to the experience and maybe it will make me happier in the long run. But at the moment I just can’t find the will when I am dying inside.


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