Rules for us, not for them.


So heres a querky story I have to share about a call centre I worked in many years ago.

The call center was for an internet service provider and the floor that we worked on was shared by tech support, Sales, Business tech support and the Provisioning department. To try describe the area we were in, it was a big open floor plan where each team and department were able to see and interact with each other and in most cases, walking distance from each other. Within the company, any department that wasn’t customer facing were allowed to “dress down” so no formal attire required. Jeans and T-Shirts or shorts during summer. With the one exception, Tech support weren’t allowed to wear Sports jersey’s of any kind. Rugby, football (Soccer), you name it.

Not being aware of this exception, one day I went in with a football jersey on, which unless it was pointed out which team it represented, you’d never had known it was a football jersey. I had a team leader walk up to me and basically tell me if I can’t turn the top inside out, I’d have to go home and change. This all the while seeing and pointing out various other people in different departments wearing their sports jerseys. Needless to say, I ended up walking around with my jersey inside out.


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