I’m in a wind tunnel, but it’s your fault you can’t hear me.


The scene tonight: My part-time job, which fortunately is WFH.

A call comes in.

Me: Good evening, thanks for calling XYZ, could I please get your first and last names?

Client: static static static, very faint voice, static static static

Me: I’m sorry, I’m having a hard time hearing you. Could you please give me your first and last name?

Client: static static, very faint words that might be a name, static static static

Me: I’m sorry, I’m still having a hard time hearing you. What is your phone number?

Client (actually holding the phone near her mouth now): I SAID, my name is static static static.

*I take my best guess at her name.*

Me: Thank you, could I please get your phone number?

Client: GIVE ME YOUR SUPERVISOR! You need to static static tone!

Me: I’m sorry, I was having a hard time hearing you over the static on the line. *(Trying to avoid saying that the static was because she was obviously outside and not actually speaking into her phone.)* What can I help you with?

Client: static static static I am NOT HAPPY WITH static static static YOUR SUPERVIS- static static static.


And this is why I hate people in general. I just love it when they get angry because I can’t understand them through whatever is on their end of the line that I can’t hear through — and I have good hearing. Traffic, wind, thunderstorm, daycare full of screaming kids peaking on sugar? Must be my fault.

My calls before and after were perfectly clear. And pleasant.

Downvote me all you like. It’s been that kind of week.


What do you think?

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