Tech Support Agents are Hackers


What feels like an eternity ago I worked on the front lines as tech support at a University. This University like all of them; provides their students, staff, and faculty email addresses. []( is what I’ll use as the example. They also provided the full office suite including Outlook.

St = Student

Me = Me

Me – Thanks for calling the Technology Help Desk, How can I help you?

*St – Fix my email, your stupid system confused my password again and I need to log in right now.*

Me – I’m sorry to hear that, let’s get this fixed. What’s your name and (insert verification BS here)?

*St – Its First Last (insert verification BS).*

Me – Thanks, what’s your email address?

*St – Why do I need to tell you that? You should already know it.*

Me – Of course, I have the information here. You said there is an issue with the pass…

*St – NO! I said YOUR system confused my password AGAIN so I need you to fix it right now.*

Me – Sure, I can help resolve this. What website are you trying to access?

*St – the email site… DUH. Thats why I said email and not log in information.*

Me – Ok, is that

\-Frantic typing heard on the other side of the phone-

*St – yeah, sure. have you fixed it yet?*

Me – I’m working on it,

\-I pull up the account and see they aren’t locked out, haven’t logged in, and aren’t getting failed attempts on any of our sites-

Me – What is the exact message you …..


Me – I understand that. To fix the issue I need to know the exact error or I won’t know what fix to apply in our system.

\-total BS, just trying to find out what they are actually doing and where they are logging in-

*St – fine whatever, it says the username or password is incorrect and to try again.*

Me – Thanks, can you spell out what you typed in as your email address so I can confirm I didn’t take your information down incorrectly?

*St – I’m sure you did get it wrong; its F I R S T* ***DOT*** *L A S T* ***AT*** *you know the rest, I’m not spelling that out too.*

Me – ok, let me check the systems and see what I can figure out for you.

\-at this point I am 99% sure they aren’t attempting to log in to our website and I am only 40% certain they are using the university email address-

Me – It’ll be another minute while I check a couple more places.

*St – Yeah whatever, I’m probably gonna fail this class anyway because you are taking so long and this email fails so often anyway.*

\-I now see the student also has a GMAIL account with the same first.last and that prior tickets show they were using that email in university stuff and complained that we won’t respond to that or use it in an official way-

Me – I checked everything and can’t find any reason for an error message when logging in. To help you out I would need to see your screen. Do you mind if we get a screen share going so I can figure out why our page is giving you an error message?

*St – If this is what I need to get this fixed fine whatever.*

\-at this point the option was a screen share or pushing for them to provide the web address and full email again, as those parts went so well before this was the path of least resistance-

Me – Ok, (insert legal disclaimers, url, code, screen share process here).

\-Screen sharing starts and I see they are at AND entering their GMAIL address. Playing dumb on purpose I ask for them to show me the error-

Me – Can you you show me the Error you are getting on our page?

*St – Are you blind? It’s right in front of you. See, it tells me the password is wrong but I know it isn’t. You need to fix this.*

Me – Gmail isn’t our page and I have no way to fix an issue on that site. I can fix any issues with the account or page, but we aren’t Google.

*St – Are you calling me stupid or something? Of course you aren’t Google. But you can fix this, do some hacker shit or something and make it work. you people do this shit all the time which is why it keeps breaking on me.*

Me – I’m not able to assist with a GMAIL account. Unless you have a problem with the account or page I am unable to assist. I recommend you contact Google or use the Forgot Password option on the site.

*St – Wow, you are a useless moron, I don’t think I want a degree from you anyway.*




Some genius thought a University Help Desk would hack Google to reset their GMAIL password for them after fighting any question asked.


What do you think?

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