“I want an update on how my complaint is being handled!!” Huh???


So, I used to work in chat support for a big phone company. I handled user error related issues and minor technical issues. Anything else would be transferred to phone support. I could also document complaints, but nothing really happens with complaints. We are trained to listen to the customer, document what they are complaining about, apologize on behalf of the company, and assure them. But that’s it. That is literally the extent of it. And that’s usually all that happens.

I had this customer chat in once asking me for an update on their complaint. I told them to hold for a moment while I reviewed their account history and notes to see what exactly they were talking about. I knew there was nothing more I could do since the complaint was already documented, but I was literally just going through the motions to make them feel better. We are trained to basically baby them when they want to make a complaint. I looked through his account and saw that two weeks prior he had chatted in to file a complaint about a store employee. I will just say this, I worked for a third-party contracted company… We did not have shit to do with the stores. Even the people who worked directly through the company offering support can’t really do shit about a store complaint. The complaints are generally dealt with were related to software issues and apps. Or Bad experiences with other customer support, never a store employee.

Here’s how the convo went:

Me: I see here that you complained about an experience you had with a store employee, I do apologize for that incident. But rest assured your complaint has been documented.

Cx: Ok?? And what’s being done about it!!!?

Me: Well, it looks like the last advisor took a detailed note of all of your complaints and we have it here on file for you. There is not much more to be done, if you feel that you’d like something more to be done about this incident I would strongly recommend reaching out to the store you visited and ask to speak with that specific manager.

Cx: What do you mean you can’t do anything else? I want to speak to your manager!

Me: (irritated at this point) I understand your frustration here, I’m not sure why the last advisor didn’t advise you to reach out to the store, but unfortunately I am not able to reach out to that store on your behalf. This is a very very large company, we are not in direct communication with store managers. I am happy to update your complaint if there has been anything new to add, but if you would like some thing to be done about the employee that you had a bad experience with at the store the best course of action would be to reach out to that manager. Here is the store contact information:

Cx: what is your name?! I want to be transferred to your manager! You are not helping me! This is ridiculous!!!

Me: I would be more than happy to transfer you to a higher ranking advisor, but please be advised theres nothing more we can do on our end here. I would strongly advise you use this time to reach out to that store manager, that is going to be the quickest way to get your complaint resolved in a way that is satisfactory to you.

Cx: I want that employee fired! I want you fired!!

Me: Again, if you want there to be repercussions against a specific store employee you will absolutely have to notify the store manager. If you do not call them to complain they will not know of the complaint. Would you like me to transfer you to a higher ranking advisor?

Cx: I want to be transferred to your manager!! What is your name!

Me: My name is Blah Blah, I would be happy to transfer you to a higher ranking advisor. Are you available for a phone call now?

Cx: no! I don’t want to talk on the phone! Why can’t you just transfer me in chat?

Me: unfortunately we do not have tier 2 advisers available via chat for issues like this, I would need to transfer you to a phone advisor. Would you like me to schedule a call for a later time?

Cx: this is ridiculous! I’m never buying products from this company again!!!! *ends the chat*
*leaves me a scathing review*


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