“Is this the best you can do with your life?” or, How I Got Written Up For Insulting a Racist Homophobe.


Call center for a public transportation agency.

I’ll preface this by saying it is a hard rule at this place that we are not allowed to hang up on a caller. At all. Even the likes of the degenerate at the heart of this tale. We can transfer to a supervisor but *never* hang up.

So there’s a guy, I guess whenever he’s having a bad day, he calls us to scream at and insult because he knows we can’t hang up on him and basically just have to take the abuse.

Such was the case today. He calls up, before I even get the greeting out he’s already calling me a stupid ni–er, an ignorant c-nt, a c-m sucking fa–ot, etc, etc. He just goes on and on and on and on with every ridiculous, racist homophobic, ignorant insult you can think of–oh, AIDS monkeys, that was a new one, hadn’t heart that one from him before–and whatever else, just on and on, right?

Being used to this bullshit by now, I just tune him out and start checking the baseball scores on my phone knowing he’ll wind down in a couple minutes and hang up when realizes he’s not getting a rise out of me. I don’t even usually say a word. He’s a small, pathetic little thing with a small pathetic little life so why give him the satisfaction. But something inside me today just couldn’t help it when he started singing, yes *singing* about how I’m a stupid n-word.

I laughed at him and said “Really? This is the best you can do with your life? That’s grade school insults, man. Come on, you can do better than that.”

I guess I struck a nerve because he went silent for a moment then said “How about I bury a claw hammer in your skull? Is that better? How about if I come down there and shoot every last one of you motherf*ckers? IS THAT BETTER!?!?”

And then he hung up.

Because of the threat I had to report the call. So management listened to it…

And I got a formal write-up for my snarky comments.

Of course, nothing happens to mr racist homophobe little life.

But that’s work for ya.

Good times…good times.


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