I quite literally can’t do tha- What do you mean “saving my a**”??


I literally can’t do tha- What do you mean “saving my ass”??

Hey I’m the person who posted about the 19 year old girl being mad at me instead of the bank, back with another story.

Cell phone provider, frontline agent, blah blah

Someone at the store called us for assistance as the customer lost their phone and was looking to get a new one as they had warranty on their account

Now, at my company, we are affiliated with a third party that works with warranty claims and works to give the customer new devices if they deem so fit.

I had to explain this to the store representative (do they even train these guys?? istg) and provided their contact information, but the customer was not happy and was saying that he wanted US to file it for him. Oh boy. This is when I could tell the call would get bad.

Listen dude, I understand that the policy is a little stupid but that’s just how it goes. We can’t do it. We are not allowed to do it.

I spoke to him, explained to him 20 million times that I literally cannot do that and also provided him with every link and phone number to speak with them, as well as guided him on the website to file the complaint manually. I damn near held his hand like a fucking baby in order to do this.

His response? He was not happy with this and wanted to speak with a manager to get his warranty because I am unhelpful and a shitty worker. For fuck’s sake. So I decided to finish my note first before tossing him to an online supervisor.

I guess he heard me finish typing my note about the information I disclosed because he asked me what I was typing. Of course, I said I was just leaving some notes of what we have discussed so that the future agent has an idea of what the call is about.

He them proceeded to say that I was just trying to save my ass by putting him down and lifting myself up. Dude. What the fuck.

What made me even more upset is that I transferred him to the supervisor and I decided to check his account afterwards to see the note left behind by the sup – Only to see that all the supervisor had to do was **say the exact same thing I told him already. Multiple times.**

What is wrong with people


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