How to deal with jealousy or resentment?


So, the call center I work for does outbound calls in regards to marketing – I can’t say who I work for but it’s a big company. It’s a decent paying job with good benefits. However, within the last six months or so our management has been coming down hard on us for results. Constant floor walks, productivity checks, meetings where they tell us things we already know sometimes multiple times a week. My stress levels have gone up significantly since then – my hair is thinning and each day is a struggle to not have my anxiety disorder overwhelm me.

A few co workers in my general area recently got chosen for a new, “experimental” team on the floor – completely at random with no ability to apply for or to transfer there. However, this new team is probably the most cushy job I’ve ever heard of:

-All they do is listen to calls and fill out a template on customer reactions, basically.

-No shift bidding at all; straight 9-5:30 shifts.

-No calling at all.

One of my good friends who is a co worker is now on that team. She was complaining to me that there’s no bonuses in the new team she’s on. All I could think was that I would give up my chance at bonuses from now until the heat death of the universe to be on a team like that.

How do you manage to deal with this? I have to talk to her and try to remain friendly and polite but every time I see her on the floor or see her name in my chat window, I can’t help but feel intensely angry and resentful of this cushy opportunity she has while my stress levels continue to skyrocket. Friday, I had to leave early because of mental exhaustion, it was that bad.

Just dunno how to cope. I’d love some advise.


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