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Long time reader, first time submitter.

I work for a company that deals with financial products (annuities and life insurance). I can unironically say I love my job, the company I work for and my boss.

My second call yesterday (and 10 minutes after I started my shift) was from another associate who was transferring someone to me. Can’t locate their policy with the number they gave and the caller is upset. Ok, at least I got a heads up. I tell her to send him my way.

M = Me, C = Caller

After exchanging greetings he immediately wants to tell me why he’s calling. I don’t mind this if I already have your info in front of me when I get you on the phone, but all I had was his name, and I like to review things as I go.

M – Before you do that may I please have your policy number?

C – Didn’t the other girl give it to you?

M – No she did not. May I have it please.

C – Well I gave it to her 8 times, why didn’t she give it to you?

M – (can already tell he is going to be more difficult than I thought) I don’t know sir, if you would like I can transfer you back to her so you can ask her yourself, but I can’t help you if I can’t find your policy.

C – (reads off the number, and it’s an 8 digit number. Our policy numbers are 10 digits)

I start to tell him that I can’t find his policy with that number but he cuts me off and tells me why he’s calling. Apparently he’s getting bills from us and doesn’t know why, and wants them to stop. You would only get a bill from us if you have a life insurance policy. I’m only trained in variable annuities, so if he did have a policy he was going to have to be transferred again, but I at least wanted to locate his policy.

I tell him I can’t find his policy with the number and ask him to spell his name. He decides now is a good time to start swearing. Our policy with it is if a caller is threatening you, the company, or being overly abusive we can give one warning, and then if they continue disconnect. Other than that it’s at the employee’s discretion. My usual way of handling it is this: First time, I’ll ask you nicely to not do it again. Second time, I’ll remind you I asked you once, I’m asking again, third time I will disconnect, and I also remind them that the call is being recorded. Third time I disconnect.

So after the first warning, he gives me his name. Can’t find anything, but says his mother has a policy, and I found one under her name. And lo and behold, it’s a variable annuity. He is not attached to the policy in any way, shape or form (Not even as a beneficiary. What does that tell you?).

M – Is she available for me to speak with? (If I can verify her, and she gives me permission to talk to him, then we’re good.)

C – I am a 50 year old man. Why would I be hanging out with my mother? (I don’t know if you’re there helping her with her finances)

M – Without her on the line and verified I won’t be able to release any info on her policies to you.

He starts cutting me off and cursing again. After he’s done I give him his second warning. I ask for his SSN (the last resort for finding a policy) and surprise surprise, nothing comes up. At this point I’ve done all I can do, or anyone at my company can do. All I can do is give him the number to our subsidiary that deals with policies that were purchased from another carrier, and we purchased that carrier.

I tell him this, and he lost it. He starts yelling and cursing again, much more loudly and aggressive. I tune him out and go looking for a Simpsons meme for our Teams chat (unrelated to the call). The only part I remember is something about f’ing law school.

M – (after he’s finished, knowing what I’m about to do) Are you done?

C – Yes, now stop sending me f’ing bills.

M – I’m going to disconnect the call. If you want to call back for the 3rd party number, you can do so when you decide you’re going to talk to us like your mother taught you manners.

I disconnect, document and report (Those types of calls have to be reviewed, no exceptions). A few hours later my very awesome boss comes to my desk to let me know he reviewed the call and I was in the clear. I asked him even including the last part?

My bosses reply? “He deserved it.”


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