Do you want to do it? Then there is a charge.


Customer calls in to change his services from our delivery team taking his stove away to moving it to his mother in law suit.

Okay fine.

What’s not fine is he wants just a refund.

ME – Okay sir but I will have to charge you for the move to another room.

CX – but it’s like 30 feet

Me – (rolls eyes) yes and there is a charge for it.

CX – but they will already be here and it’s like 30 feet.

ME – (rolls eyes harder) Sir do you want to move it?

CX – (Scoffs) No it’s too heavy that’s what they are for.

ME – Yes and there is a charge for their labor.


These last two weeks of no fuqs are already exciting AF.


What do you think?

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Love when anytime this happens…

Got to push back a little, and it felt oh so good!