“But your product scared my wife’s Italian greyhounds!”


I have worked in a couple different tech support call centers. At one of them we had a long-running scammer who would call in, always with some version of the same story. The gist was they claimed they bought our product, which btw was a piece of professional engineering equipment, and it “suddenly” caught fire. They could never provide any practical information- no photographs, no serial numbers, not even proof of purchase. They were trying to get us to send them replacement equipment without any evidence of having even owned the product. They called us at least a couple times a week for several months.

For some reason, their response to being told that we couldn’t do anything for them without that info was to tell us this wild story about why they didn’t have it, exactly the same way every single time. They claimed they were minding their own business when it suddenly erupted in flames and they had to sprint with it, on fire, out of their house to a dumpster outside. They would always give the same reason as to why they weren’t able to document any part of this, “because my wife’s THREE ITALIAN GREYHOUNDS were terrified!” They would say that the smoldering remains of the equipment were swiftly removed by their local trash collectors before they could take any pictures and for the love of god, they had to comfort their wife’s three Italian greyhounds! WON’T ANYONE THINK OF THE ITALIAN GREYHOUNDS????

Eventually they gave up and stopped calling us, but I always thought it was funny that they never mentioned fearing for their house, or even their lives. What a peculiar and terrible scam.

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