I lost it on a customer


Short version. Caller was upset about being given incomplete info by a previous rep. I tried to help but he was pretty much not giving me a moment to respond. Once I got a chance to reply he started talking over me and used a profanity (not directed at me but the company). I used an assertive voice to tell him to stop a few times and eventually he paused. Everyone in a cube four desks down turned and looked at me. I told him if he cursed again I’d hang up. At the end he apologized for his language and tone. I never yelled or screamed just used a loud commands to take control of the call. My question is this…
Do you think my behavior would be looked at favorably among coworkers?
Am I showing assertiveness or a lack of self control?

From USA


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Do you allow callers to curse or swear?

why would the on-hold wait time be 30+ minutes when I am already in the middle of a call?