why would the on-hold wait time be 30+ minutes when I am already in the middle of a call?


I am on hold with qantas right now and I just can’t understand what is going on. I asked my question (I want to change a flight) and he put me on hold to look up if a certain flight exists on a certain day. It’s now been 31 minutes.

For reference, I did look up the flight on the qantas website myself, about 29 minutes ago. I guess maybe he is using some kind of internal search system that could be really slow or have technical issues right now though. But like, 30 minutes?

I’m trying to be openminded and kind. Genuinely what could cause this long of a hold time?

Did the guy just go on his lunch break while I’m on the phone or something? Is he on multiple calls at once? Lots of other stuff to do? I feel like I’m losing my mind – I don’t understand how it could take half an hour to look up a flight. Is this just a tactic to get me to hang up? My problem I’m calling for is not a really difficult one and I promise I was polite and normal to him on the phone.

I have never worked in a call centre and i’m pretty sure there is no way I could handle a job like that without dying of stress so like I’m not mad at him individually, I just wish I had some sense of context to explain it in my head


What do you think?

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