Do you allow callers to curse or swear?


I’ve been working at a helpdesk position for a little under a year now and most of my callers are friendly enough to deal with but on occasion i’ll get someone who is very frustrated or outride rude. Most recently, I had a caller that was very upset about getting misinformation from previous agents and I tried my best to explain that there might have been a miscommunication and apologized and gave the correct information. (even though customer DID get the right information, they just mis-interpreted it or didn’t follow instructions).

This caller was swearing every other sentence saying \*\*\*\* this product that I’m using and this is F’ing ridiculous, just dropping F bombs not at me but at the company and the offered products. I understand his frustration and cursing does not really bother me unless you’re directing it at me which I didn’t feel like he was. I didn’t tell him to stop cursing and I just carried on and eventually had to escalate to my supervisor..

Wondering what reddit does when it comes to customers who swear? My company policy is we can disconnect the call if the caller continues to be abusive after we warn them. Do you care if a customer is swearing/cursing if it’s not directed at you? Sometimes I even find it a little funny… as long as it’s not directed at me


What do you think?

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