I hate not being able to say “no”.


This is mostly a rant, really. But this stupid corporate bullshit that doesn’t let you answer with a simple “no”, and instead you have to think of elaborate ways to let the person know that no, the thing you are trying to do is not possible.


I just had to try to explain 3 times that the phones we sell don’t have 2 nano sims. they just don’t. there is no model that does. But I can’t just say “No, the ones we sell don’t have that”.


Instead I had to say shit like “well the ones we have come with 1 nano and 1 esim”

“Oh, but can I get one with 2 nanos?”

“Well, our devices only have 1 and 1..”


“but..there is no way to get one with 2?”

“No, there is no way to get something that doesn’t exist”


“oh, okay”


see? as soon as I was got annoyed and gave a straight forward answer people understand. I understand trying to find solutions for the CMR, but sometimes there just isn’t, and is a waste of time for both me and the CMR if I just can’t tell them!


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