Idc if you’re senile, you’re still rude.


I work 2nd shift and I was in the last 20 minutes, just watching the clock, waiting to log off at exactly midnight, when I get the most irritating call I’ve had in years.

Usually you can’t get me upset but, you did it sir.

You called in wanting to speak to the on-call. You threw your many years of patronage with your doctor around like it meant something. And then you proceeded to huff and puff as I followed the prompts I am required to follow.

Fine, we got through all that. Neither of us liked it, but we did it.

And then we get to finally take your message and you can’t spell your own name! Multiple times you gave it to me. Different ever time. You even did it phonetically! And yet you acted like I was wrong or stupid every time because what I repeated directly back to you was incorrect! I assure you, this is a recorded line and you sir, are the one that cannot spell your name.

At some point you got so frustrated that you stopped responding all together and unfortunately I cannot stay on the line with no response. I told you so. Still you didn’t respond so I had to disconnect.

I was so upset by your rudeness that I took 5 minutes to myself, off the clock, to calm down. I’d hoped that in those 5 minutes you would call back and someone else could deal with you because I didn’t deserve to have to deal with you twice. All while the clock is ticking closer and closer to the end of my shift.

But you are such a special jerk. You waited 5 minutes before calling back. I not only had to deal with you twice! But you also made me get off work late!

Idk what is wrong with you medically. You were so rude, so incompetent, and such an asshole. I’ve taken calls from people with true emergencies who have been no where near as rude as you.

And just because you were born during the Vietnam War doesn’t mean you fought in it. Get over yourself.


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I can’t take this anymore!!

I hate not being able to say “no”.