Ever spoken to a celebrity, major or minor?


I’m not sure if this kind of discussion is allowed but it could be interesting.

We all figure most celebs have people to handle this type of stuff but sometimes a few might pop up. I’ve spoken to a few over the years, mostly minor with one notable exception.

I worked for a luxury gift basket company years ago and one day I had to call a client regarding a bottle of wine that we couldn’t find in any stores near him. I look at the name and it was Al Green. So I call and the man himself answered. It took me a minute to find my voice but he was a total sweetheart and understood. I also once spoke to Matthew Knowles and he was a complete dick.

When I worked in UPS, I got Elvis Presley Jr. Now, most people don’t really believe he’s the son but who knows. He was cool and told me his father is alive and owns a telecommunications company in the Midwest.

Finally, I worked for a COVID testing company last year and I call one guy to tell him his results were delayed. I get an assistant on the phone and let them know what’s up and they get rude with me, asking if I know who this person is. I’m like nope, but wouldn’t change anything. In the background I hear a guy ask for the phone and then he comes on the line. I tell him about the delay and he’s chill about it, saying “Shit happens” then says I might not know who he is cause he goes by KSI on YouTube. I apologized and said I don’t keep up with stuff and he laughed and said “Respect.”. Then as we close the call he laughs and says “Don’t forget to like and subscribe”.


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