I hate all the cxs


I’m currently working for turb0t4x, my first ever call center job, the training was ass they basically told us “Google and the turb00t4x website are your resources”

I’ve gotten so many horrible calls of grown ass women and men who I’m 100% sure just call to fight with people. I’m often told by middle aged condescending women in calls “Can I get someone else, I don’t think you know what you’re talking about hahaha”

Probably because I DON’T, I’m 19 I’ve never touched taxes in my life, NO I dont know what a w2 or a 1099 form is, IM USING GOOGLE to answer your grown 30 year old self. If I dont know what im talking about, I don’t think you do either.

Today I got a call from a man who immediately started the call by yelling at me to get him a supervisor, I can’t transfer calls because that’s considered “call avoidance” he then asked me where I was, I responded with, sorry?
“SORRY? WHERE IS SORRY??? ARE YOU AT HOME OR THE PHILIPPINES??? GET ME A SUPERVISOR!!!!” I was so confused, I told him I cannot transfer him but he would yell over me so I hung up on him… I’m sure I can get in trouble for this, we are NOT allowed to hang up on calls but I can’t stand it.

My job is not to stand grown people throwing tantrums, I am not the CEO of turb0t4x. No I did not make the software glitch, no I did not wrongfully charge you for a product you chose to buy, no I don’t care that you will no longer be paying for “my” products anymore.

I feel like I’m doing a job I am not qualified for and I was never trained for, I am answering tech questions and tax questions when I was only hired to be customer support. My training videos consisted of people restarting passwords. I am getting questions like “Why is my 1099 file not going through??”, “why do my taxes keep getting rejected?”, “why can’t I change my direct deposit information after filing my taxes??” I am so tired of it. I am not a tax expert, I am not a software engineer, I am confused, I am lost, I am using the few tools I was given and I hate you as much as you hate me.


What do you think?

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