Why are you calling? rant


I work for a mortgage company, it’s not a huge one but we service a couple hundred thousand loans here in the US. And I just don’t get why the fuck these people are calling. Like I totally understand if you have to call us about something messing up or can’t find it online, but those are the 1% of my calls.

Like I’m a 29 year old dude, and in the three years I’ve had my mortgage I’ve called my company once. These fuckers are calling in daily, and for what? I had one dumb cunt call today because he couldn’t figure out how to access his statements as a PDF on his phone. I had someone call in last week that was on hold for 40 minutes and was pissy because they couldn’t log into their online and it was because they were misspelling their email.

And the fucking entitlement of these people. “Well is there any other way to do that?” “Could a manager escalate that?” I know my job dude, fucking listen to me so I can help you. Like tell me what you want, I’ll tell you how to get it, and then fuck off. That’s the unwritten agreement we all need to live by.

I just want to ask these fuckers, honestly, why are you calling? Its 2023, google something you dumb piece of drekke.


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