People who call back


I work in roadside assistance, as a Case Manager. As in, I am in a promoted department, we are the top tier of roadside that handle messed up and delayed calls. Oh also, we give customers a special number to call us back.

Got a call today. First, I have to tell you, dude is safe at home. Second, he’s only been waiting an hour. Late in the day on a Monday that isn’t bad.

Customer calls me at 5:30 PM. I talk to the tow truck company. They tell me “Hey, we are delivering another vehicle to a shop down the road from your customer. We need like, 30 minutes of drive time and then we’ll be there minutes later.”

So at 5:49 this dude calls me back. I’m like “sir. They said 30 minutes. It’s been 19. Give them a bit.”

Great. 10 minutes later, at 6:01, dude calls me back again. Since truck is technically late I check.

They’re exhausted, and are like “our driver just dropped that car and is 6 miles away.”

Six miles? At 60 mph that’s 6 minutes. I tell customer 10 to be safe.

At 6:10 he calls back.

I’m like “Sir. They are minutes away. Be patient.”

Dude was literally home safe and took resources away from me getting stranded people off the highway. I think in total he called 6 times in 45 minutes.


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