Unwilling to be flexible


Hi. Need to vent. I’m not sure if this is *exactly* the right sub but it’s the closest I feel I can get to the appropriate place?

I work in property (UK). I run the admin side of the office, **taking calls**, deal with sales progression, etc. This also entails managing everyone’s diary and booking appointments. We launched a house yesterday on the property portals, and a lady sent an enquiry through and asked to view it. Sure, not a problem.

We go through our usual conversation script, and we get to the time she needs to view. She says that her husband has a day off on Tuesday so could she come on Tuesday. I say that we do have Tuesday availability although it is almost full with other *confirmed* appointments, but we can do at the end of the day.

‘No, I have to pick up my son then.’

I say that’s ok, we are a little pushed for time so we do have a bit later, could she do then?


I ask if she can do any alternative days (as this seemed a little tricky to book).

‘No.’ And she’s saying this with a completely dead, blunt tone.

She then goes on to say that she would have hoped we could accommodate it as she’s giving a lot of notice, but this is being said in a condescending and demeaning way. I explain that absolutely this is good notice, but that unfortunately, on Tuesday, we just coincidentally also have a bunch of other people who have forward booked.

In a guilt trip way, she then says, ‘well I guess we’ll just have to leave it then. If you can’t accommodate it, then we just won’t look. It’s a real shame for your clients that you can’t accommodate this’. Soooooo… you’re telling me you’re interested in the house, but because you can’t get the time you wanted, *you’re not going to bother looking*… that’s what’s going to put you off??? It shows how interested you are in the house then…

I said I would see what I could do, couldn’t rejig the schedule and called her back to apologise but we’d need to look at an alternative. She’s decided to not look because she can’t get the specific time she wanted, and was annoyed we couldn’t accommodate Tuesday… but we *can* accommodate Tuesday, you just don’t want the time we offered?! If you’re that keen, somebody else can pick up your son, or come after you’ve got him, as I offered her that time too. It also isn’t dark then.

Genuinely never had such petty lack of flexibility before, not even willing to suggest *any* alternative. I’m sorry, but if you were that keen to view the house, you’d appreciate things can be busy and work around it, or at least be willing to suggest an alternative time. She’s probably the kind of lady who calls up the hair salon on a Thursday and demands a Saturday appointment.

Would just like to add, the other agents were busy too, just an awkwardly very busy Tuesday! Just needed to vent because she was honestly so difficult and just acted like her time was 10x more important than everyone else’s. Can’t stand entitlement like this!

**TLDR:** Lady wanted to view a property on a specific day. We weren’t able to accommodate a specific time she wanted but offered her a later alternative on the same day. She wouldn’t take it, was rude and unflexible, didn’t care about anybody else’s time but her own, and has now decided not to view the house because she can’t have what she wanted.


What do you think?

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