Put on escalations with no training


Hi all, this is just a rant because I really need to get this off my chest. (Also I’m on mobile don’t kill me lol)

I work as tech support for a well known internet provider, I started last May and have quickly become one of the best performers in my team, and had been informed by my manager that she was going to start progressing me and training me up. However, last week I gave my 3 week notice in as I will be spending a couple of months abroad for personal reasons and was unable to get the time off unpaid.

The entire time I have worked here I have just been taking regular calls, now all of a sudden just after I hand my notice in I am being taken off calls for the latter half of my shift every day to floorwalk and take manager calls. Now don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to have some time off calls, but the stress that comes with doing escalations is almost not worth it. I am not trained on how to do manager calls, I am not being paid any extra and I just wanted a peaceful last 3 weeks here not to be screamed at by customers every evening. My team leader says she is doing this so it will look good on my CV that I have done escalations, but I can’t help but feel slightly taken advantage of, and that she is essentially just “making the most” of having me there before I leave.

Just had a customer tell me he is going to the press and to small claims court because his email is no longer working now he has moved to another provider. I advised unfortunately nothing we can do, however if he finds a new host we can transfer his domain out to them and his email should work again. Customer had no idea what a domain is and just continued to shout at me that our customer service is bad and he is going to sue us. Praying this last 2 weeks go quickly…


What do you think?

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