You wouldn’t know how it is because you’re different than me!


Call from yesterday went like this:

Caller was not able to get to the company’s site on his phone and was getting anxious and a little upset.

We went back and forth with my explanation of the problem being that he couldn’t connect because he had trouble getting to the network connector page.

Making things worse I was doing my best to guide him blind through how to get connected and as I dislike leaving my callers without a solid resolution we plugged along for several minutes. He started to get more anxious (as I was too) about it and came out with some strange stuff, like insulting me but poorly.

Then came the title of this when he said “I’m not like you!!!! I don’t use iPhone and I’m different!!!” I paused and said “I don’t use iPhone either…”. And he was like “oh…. Ok. Then you know how it is”.

call went on from there but I found it sort of funny that he assumed I used iPhone (likely because I work in the office, and ALL office workers use iPhone apparently. 🤷🏽‍♂️ r/


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