sending sensitive details through an email


Sometimes I really wonder what is going on people’s mind at the moment they send an email to customer service, I was just doing my work trying to get to my goal and doing a good work to avoid any meeting or any drama thing in case something was done incorrectly, I got this email about an order being cancelled, the customer just sent

*Why was this order canceled if there is nothing wrong with my card*

And process to send a picture of the back of the card, card number, expiration date, security code, everything was there, if the customer typed instead of sending a picture, the system automatically banned the majority of the numbers as a security, but it was a picture, everything was there, I just ask my supervisor to delete the email and I have to create a brand new email and advise the customer *don’t do that ever again*

How can people be so unconscious of this type of things, as far as I know there is no company in this world that will ask you any card details, please be more aware of this type of things, I just thought *what if someone actually Stole those details?*


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