I’m leaving the call center industry. For good.


It feels so good to say this. March 24th will be the final day I ever work for a call center. My employer doesn’t know yet, but once I submit my two week notice next Friday, I’m giving them an earful. I’ve been working in collections for a year and a half. I’m done.

I start my new job on the 27th. I cannot disclose what I’ll be doing on here (think legal-related field), but it gets me away from those god damn back to back calls. And the constant BEEP in the ear every time you get connected to that call. Oh my God don’t get me started on those. Over and over and god damn over again. No more of that.

To those stuck in call centers, rest assured there is hope. You just gotta look. Gotta get pissed off enough to find that drive to leave. Call centers are the work of the devil himself. Thank you for listening.


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sounds like a YOU problem…

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