Just stop arguing with me!


So i work for a Homeless Hotline. Most people are nice and appreciative when they call, but others, just…. Aren’t. Today’s call started with the caller saying “First, let me just start with letting you know that jesus loves you”. I already know this isn’t going to go well. One of my first questions is “what zip code are you in”. She tells me “65249”. I confirm “Ok, you’re in Eastown, in West County?”. “No, i’m in Northtown in South County”. I put in her location manually and tell her “The zip code for that town is actually 76218”. “No it’s not”. OK, not worth arguing over a zip code. I just enter the correct one. I then have to assess if she’s in any danger. “Are you currently in any….” She interrupts, yelling “No!”. I tell her “I have to ask these questions. Are you currently in any….” “I SAID NO! I know what you’re going to ask and the answer is no!”. As nicely as possible, i tell her “I need to ask you these questions, and i’ll need a yes or no answer once i’m done”. I ask my safety assessment, and….. Silence. “I need a yes or no answer”. “You already got my answer”. OK. I ask a few more demographic questions, and getting the answers is like pulling teeth. Then i have to read a consent statement before asking the more personal questions. Of course, she says she won’t consent. I explain to her that “without answering these questions, I will be very limited in what I can do to help you”. “That’s OK, jesus will provide for me”. I gave her the number for her local Board of Social Services, which is the bare minimum we give and she ended the call with “Thanks for not helping me. Jesus loves you”.

I just shrugged the call off, went to back getting kids off the street and a family that was living in their car into a hotel room for the weekend.


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