I laughed at an irate customer


I was reading a story here and i dont know why but this popped into my mind.

I worked at a call center as bilingual csa and then became a trainer, and at the same time, escalations. The company provided call center for other companies. The contract I worked for was for a certain big discount subscription that is associated mostly with older people and “insurance”. (Funny thing, they work with an insurance company, but they didn’t provide the insurance lol)

But when I was still a grunt, one of my first calls was an older man. He was furious about his insurance policy, and I, as always in formed him that I would be happy to transfer him to the insurance company, but we are merely in business with them, we do not have access to his medical information or anything like that because of HIPPA. We “promote” the insurance company to our members and in exchange, they offer our members a discount of their premiums. But that’s all handled on their end.

Regardless of what I tried to explain he insisted I PERSONALLY fix his issue with his policy, and I just kept repeating, “Sir, again, we are X, not your insurance company. We provide them with a sort of marketing service and they provide YOU a discount for being associated with US, but nobody in THIS company can access your medical insurance information, we’re not authorized, licensed or certified, and that would violate HIPPA.”

We can only transfer to escalations if THEY ask for a manager.

We ARE authorized to hang up if they become abusive, after three warnings.

I had given him two.

He kept screaming at me and I gave him the third warning.

“Sir, I am going to have to ask one last time that you lower your voice or I will have to end the call”.

He LOST IT. Started cussing and yelling even louder not wanting to accept any advice or solutions. And I laughed but muted too late. He heard my giggle. And I didn’t think this man could get any angrier. But he went silent. And then

“Did you just laugh at me?”

“No sir, I laugh when I’m nervous and your yelling is making me nervous.”

He then began to mock me, “Oh are you gonna cry? For fucks sake are you a baby?”

I just said my closing and hung up.

I was always polite to all workers. But Honestly that job is the reason I now go ABOVE AND BEYOND to ask about how your day’s going without taking too much time, engage in small talk while you’re fetching information so there’s no dead air, always have all my info ready and ask for a review form to be sent and give you a 10/10 unless they’re just plain rude. Even if they couldn’t fix me issue.

Fucking whackjob


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