I got a unicorn today.


I spoke with a cx on Tuesday, his card declined one time several months ago, so I explained he was past due. He insisted he hadn’t missed the payment, he was on autopay so how could he be behind?!

He was adamant that he was current. “Sir, I’m looking at the account history, we did not see a payment last August.” “Are you calling me a liar?” *sigh* I recommended he consult his bank statements from that month. “I bet my lawyer will say I didn’t miss it.” “You’re entitled to consult with anyone you want, was there anything else I can help you with today?”

Cx called back today and of course I got him again!! “Are you the one I yelled at a few days ago?” “……we spoke on Tuesday, yes.”

He was calling in to make up his missed payment. He’d checked his statements and whaaaaaat, I was right! 🤯

He apologized like five times during the call. He said he hoped it didn’t ruin my day and that we can move past that.

I should buy a Powerball ticket tonight.


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