I hate that I care so much. it literally eats away at me.


I fucking hate my job. Fucking fuck I hate it. Why do I fucking care? Because I feel bad for people like this lady who I tried to help today.

Her daughter died and she is trying to receive next of kin benefits. It’s been 6 months since she has passed and started trying to collect it. She is the rightful beneficiary.

So I find the open task on the account that says what’s needed to complete the cash out. I gather the information, input it into the task, and go the extra mile. I email the plan manager and let her know I have what the task was asking for, and I asked if it could be moved along now.

I get A fucking email back saying “oh we actually also need this this this AND THIS”

Literally fucking nowhere in the original fucking task does it say that’s what we needed!!???!?! FFS!!!!!

Now it’s my weekend, and I’m sitting here thinking about this poor woman just trying to collect her money and now she has all these additional hoops to jump through. And it seems like it was my mistake for not getting everything that was required when my stupid fucking plan managers are the ones who fucked up. She already wasn’t happy and now I’m going to have to try and track her down and get yelled at while trying to get her to provide the additional information.

But don’t worry, if I don’t get to her in time, the funds will be reverted back into the account MINUS A FUCKING FEE!

I am just so fed up with this job. I literally can’t even enjoy my weekend now.

Anyone have any advice how to forget about it and move on when it’s something out of your control but you feel responsible?


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