My company does nothing to investigate illegal sales made to customers


Exactly what the title says, it’s pretty easy for unethical employees to sell products to customers in very shady ways and get away with it. Today, I had the displeasure of attending another call related to this recurring issue. It seems that there are many agents out there who randomly call customers and hope that they take the bite out of the sales pitch. Unfortunately, it’s full of misinformation most of the time.

Once the customers get the requested service and look at the bill, that’s when they realize it was a scam because it’s not even close to what was discussed in the interaction. You can argue that the cx should’ve fully read the terms, but there are other companies out there that can still honor what the salesman said if they find out that the offer is totally different than what was given as an expectation. It’s insane that the calls are recorded and no one bothers to evaluate them until the customer threatens to sue.

I work in the escalated chats/callbacks department, so I’m technically a supervisor, but they don’t give us the tool to listen to previous calls. So yeah, that makes our job more difficult and the only ones who can listen to calls are our bosses (which are unavailable during most of our shift) or the QA department, and we get our paycheck amount reduced if we try to escalate the call to them to report a legitimate concern. It’s bullshit. Now I have to sacrifice a portion of my payment because some slimy coworker most likely made an invalid sale and I’m the only one who could possibly report it.

The only reason why I haven’t quit or switched jobs is because I’m currently in a program where we can choose a department outside of the customer interactions. The course will be over in a couple weeks at most. I just have to handle this thing for a bit longer. Whatever position it is, it’ll pay much better for the kind of work they’re expecting and with less stress. If anyone’s wondering what American company it is, I’ll just refer to it as the “Big C” cable company. I’m tired of defending it.

TL;DR, employees can make illegal sales and get away with and the company’s QA department doesn’t review the way they were sold just as long as there is an “approved” document.


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