So today we have one of *those* customers

At some point last week, they signed a (business) electricity contract. The next day, they phoned in the next day, as they’d signed *two* such contracts. No problem, it’s impossible to have two, the second one will be automatically disregarded by the system, just takes some time. They seemed OK with this.

And call back in twoce more to have me explain to them the exact same thing.

Then, this week, they called in to say they’d moved out and they needed the contract cancelling. Well, ‘cancelling’ is the wrong term, but I can work with them. I inform them of what info to give in to which companies, and that the new owner will be contacted separately.

This makes them unreasonably upset. ‘They want it ‘just cancelling’. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

I explain a different way about giving correct legal notice that they’ve moved out. They again get upset. It is looking like they’re not moving out and are just saying this to get out of the contract, but I got there.

And then they call back and we go through this all again.

I point out that I’m *trying* to help, but to get them to the end state they want, I need *accurate* information, as if I do the wrong thing, it won’t work.

They eventually admit there is no move out going on, but they do have two contracts. I explain it all again. They seem happy.

They then call back in with their brother. Who explains that they ARE moving out. I explain that process again. They seem happy.

Then, while I’m on the phone with a more… rational customer, they call back in. Five times. Only to not pick up when I get off the phone and call them back.

I’m sure our next call will be super fun.


EDIT: They called back.

They called back with a friend, who was far more helpful to talk to. They claim the business has left the premises, which would end the contract.

Resultantly, our change oftTennancy team contacted the site to speak to the new owners.

Guess what numpty picked up the phone!

Evidently just trying to weasle out of their contract.

What do you think?

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