My Babies don’t watch THAT!


Worked at a Internet tech support for major US provider.
Doing “Premiere” tech support Effectively anything that could go online we had to fix. It was super easy till they took away google and said.. we trained you.

Yeah to look up the fix on GOOGLE!

Anyway – Story goes like this.

Customer calls in and has an issue someone is “Hacking her family computer” –
Always at night.
Always when it had been powered totally down for the night.

Ok let’s take a look at the computer!

From 9 Am to 9 PM in the history – God is good, family baptist church, religion is the only way to save your soul stuff.

1130pm – 2/3 am – hard core porn, gay, straight, bdsm you name it .. it’s there.

The Customer’s a screaming woman who’s babies 13-14-17 would NEVER .. how dare I suggest that they would.. They are on there “porn medication” and talk to there church leaders about that every week.

As a real woman her husband never would look at this because “she fully satisfies him”
She screams for 20 mins. Then put’s her eldest son on .. cause she’s stressed by this hacking making her family look so bad.

I ask him if he did it.. he confesses yes.. and I teach him how to use private browser and how to clean out his history. he thanked me and ended the call.


What do you think?

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My company does nothing to investigate illegal sales made to customers

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