Need to keep the NSA out!

Worked at a Internet tech support for major US provider.
Doing “Premiere” tech support Effectively anything that could go online we had to fix.

Had a customer call in.

My computers keeps shutting down, I want you to fix it. Ah ok well we can check to see what they system records say. Do a bit of digging the computers over heating and shutting down to protect it’s self.

Ask some basic .. is it in an open area, does it have good ventilation. I hear crinkling every time he’s moving it.


Sir is there something wrapped around your tower?
Yes it’s the tin foil to keep the NSA out. ( not joking not a fake out he was 100% dead serious)
After I placed the customer on hold for a few moments trying to think of what the heck I could do.

Will you take the tinfoil off? no

Ok, than I’m going to let you in on a secret! The tinfoil interferes with the magnetic waves it’s not needed all around it just put a lot on top in a ball.

OH.. Ok, that makes sense Thanks!

A totally other call.

Customer -I need you to remove the malware your company and the CIA put on my computer.
Me- If I take it off and I work for the company .. What’s stopping us from putting it right back on?.. CLICK customer gone.

What do you think?

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