Ma’am that department isn’t open on Saturday


Saw a post that reminded me of this. So I work Saturdays as an escalations agent. So naturally I get a lot of crazy.

A few Saturdays ago we had a lady call in saying she was supposed to get a wire transfer and it wasn’t there. Well the wire department is closed Saturdays so the agent informs her that the department is closed and she will need to call Monday. She gets mad and wants to speak to a supervisor.

So she gets sent to me. I give her the same info because only that department has those systems to trace a wire transfer. She informs me she wants to speak to someone who can. I tell her she can’t and she starts swearing. I end up disconnecting the call and adding a note to the account.

So fast forward to the end of the day, I get a message from another escalation agent I work with to check the notes on this account. I put in the info, low and behold it’s the chick from earlier.

She had called in 17 times. Each time it had a note along the lines of disconnected due to abuse and told client we can’t do anything till Monday.

One email to my boss later and she is now on the repeat offender no call list. Which means she had to go to a branch if she wishes to get service.


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