How DARE we make sure her kid doesn’t starve


I don’t know if any of you do any work around tube feeding but people are losing their absolute minds over these back orders…

Many of our higher calorie formulas are on back order, and as convenience, we have registered dietitians who will call the doctor’s and obtain a new RX for something comparable to ensure their service isn’t delayed. Sounds nice right?

I got the email that this particular patient’s formula claim paid, green light to ship. Call mom, verify address. Golden.

“Hi, I’m (name) with (company) calling for (patient)”

Mom immediately asks what my title is. That’s nothing new. Team lead.

Mom spouts “I don’t want a team lead. I need a manager”

Unfortunately for us both, protocol is that I attempt to resolve
After I verify HIPAA, I say “I see we have an RX for boost VHC and—“

BOOST? Boost??? What is boost my son is not supposed to be on boost I TOLD YOU PEOPLE.

Ok so now I’m panicking a lil like what has gone wrong. Search the account, last RX is Twocal HN which has been on back order for months.

So I start my spiel “sorry ma’am but the Twocal has been on back order and—“

Mom screams I know!! I’ve not gotten formula from YOUR company since October (first, if it was my company, I wouldn’t be talking to you)
Apparently she’s been buying directly from the manufacturer and the local hospital is back ordered until March. (Which tells me she’s more than aware this isn’t happening)
Mind you, she’s been calling all day and bitching out various customer service people (I REALLY wish I reviewed those notes before I called)

So I start another spiel “I see in our notes that our clinical dietitian called your Dr office, dr. (Name) and—“

HOW DARE YOU? How dare YOU call behind MY BACK and get a prescription without telling ME first? You broke hipaa laws!

Ma’am I don’t obtain the prescrip—

YOU are not a clinician. You HAVE to go through me for anything I AM THE POA I AM HIS MOM.
(At this point she’s ranting so I set my headset aside and start filling out for a manager call and alert the RD for her area)

“We do have clinicians on service—“

Did you HEAR ME can you put your LISTENING ears on?

“I did hear you. I’m letting you know that we have” (at this point I’m trying to talk over her “clinicians who obtained this to ensure your son doesn’t go without”


*sigh* yes ma’am. Ok ma’am.

At this point I say we are at a stalemate because we don’t have what you need and I can’t help you so I will have my manager give you a call and I will disconnect.

You know what? I don’t CARE if your manager calls because I AM going to the state AG for you breaking HIPAA laws!”

Ok ma’am. Yes ma’am. Thanks. *click*

Fun facts: If she would’ve hushed I could’ve explained that Boost VHC is nutritionally equivalent and her insurance has already paid for it.
Also her insurance didn’t cover his fiber supplement. Oh well.
She said she had receipts of all she purchased Bc we won’t send her formula (yeah we are causing the back order) good luck Bc your insurance already would’ve covered something else that was cheaper to boot.

Last but not least, no hipaa laws broken so if she really goes to the AG they will laugh her out the building.

UPDATE 2/2: my manager pissed her off too, so the call had to go to the director, who didn’t make her any happier. She is continuing to buy her own formula and was mostly upset we requested the prescription without “her permission”


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Just venting

I loved this manager!