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I have to vent about this because I’m SO pissed off and I can’t say what I really want to say to the guy because it’d get me fired.

I work at a large company in corporate escalations/risk. I ended up with this dicksmack who ordered a treadmill and it only got as high as me bc he was flipping out on every person he spoke to, swearing/physical threats/making fun of and mocking some of our agents (because English is not their first language/they have an accent)/inappropriate innuendos and comments, etc because it hadn’t been delivered yet – it had just been ordered 3 days earlier… 🙄 If anyone’s ordered large workout equipment with full delivery and assembly, then you know typically a 3rd party handles the freight, not necessarily the direct company you order it from & it arrives usually within a week of it being ordered. They source it out. It’s stupid, but it is what it is. We received confirmation from the delivery company that not only was it delivered, there was a signature on file and a photo of the delivery. He says he never got it and they rescheduled a bunch of times, blah blah.

I was getting real sick of his shit and the way he was treating my people so I told him to stop swearing and to talk to the agents respectfully, otherwise I wouldn’t be helping him any further. He was yelling because I didn’t get back to him for 2 days. I was out of the office due to a fucking death in the family and had my out of office on which said I was out with no access to emails. I receive an email from him telling me not to “email him my feelings” and me “being out of the office with no access to emails is an embarrassing excuse” regardless of the reason. He went on and on, “don’t tell me how to speak, you should’ve had someone follow up with me, i had no idea you were out, I have cameras, no one delivered anything, i don’t give a shit about anything, you didn’t refund me right away and purposely made me wait for my refund because you were mad, etc”. I told him the refund would take 1-3 days to process & I’d notify him once completed. Our team didnt even process his fucking refund until the day I returned to the office (still within the 1-3 days btw) and i notified him as soon as I got in. I would have been OOO anyways those two days due to my work schedule and I don’t have anyone to delegate to. The buck stops with me. There is no “get me your supervisor” or “if you won’t do it, get me someone who can” shit, because there literally is no one else. Obviously i have a boss, but they dont deal with this shit. It’s like that meme when they ask for the manager, and the same associate spins around and says “how can I help you?”

He received a full refund, with shipping refunded (over $2,000) AND got his fucking treadmill, and still was acting like this. I sent him the bitchiest, yet professional email I’ve sent in a long time explaining that i simply requested he speak respectfully since we are adults that no one made him “wait” for his refund, that my OOO provided an alternate contact while I was out. he definitely got the OOO msg since he sent me 7 emails within those 2 days, so there was SOMEONE he could’ve reached out to if he really wanted an update (the other agents can actually read so they’d be able to see the refund wasn’t done yet and update him accordingly at least, even if they have limited visibility otherwise).

I deal with angry, escalated crazies on the daily. I almost always have them eating out of my hand by the end of it, I’m very good at deescalating and making sure the customers issue is resolved in a way that makes them feel heard, validated and that they received a fair resolution. but boy oh boy he got under my skin.

To put the cherry on the sundae, he sent a survey (haven’t gotten mine yet, cant wait) and another agent below me had the balls to email him & be like “I’m here to make sure you’re 100% satisfied, i know the previous agent was unhelpful…”. I want to smack the ever living shit out of him. Way to make me look like an asshole.

End rant. Just needed to get this off my chest and people who aren’t in customer service don’t always understand the kind of restraint you have to have with some of these fucknuts. i hope his treadmill malfunctions and he smacks his face so hard off of the floor he forgets his momma.

Have a great weekend!


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