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So I work for two wfh call centers one is roadside the other is retail. This story is from retail side.

I don’t know why otherwise intelligent people turn to idiots when it comes to basic technology but the amount of IT trouble shooting I do as a customer service rep is ridiculous. But I digress….

A few days ago a man calls in. Immediately rants about how our website never lets him complete a purchase. Just every once in awhile. So he always has to call in to complete the purchase.

So being the good rep I am, I start to ask him questions. like… What error did it give you? Did it complete the purchase and the fail afterwards? Did you get an email about it?

Him- nothing it just won’t go through

Me- (internally: so this is human error…) Have you added in all the required fields?

After walking through every part of the purchase he lands on the fact that his billing information isn’t correct because our website doesn’t allow him to enter a different billing vs delivery address.

(That’s a lie by the way not only do I purchase from our company online regularly, but whenever I walk through with someone I pull up a screen and go through each step)

When I pointed out where he could go to change the billing address there was a moment of silence, furious typing and then his denial of it not being there.

Me – sir Iare you on a desktop?

Him – yes

Me – then I’m not sure how you aren’t seeing it I am going through step by step with you on the customer website.

Him – well it’s not there.

Me – okay let me see if I can take over your cart and we can do the purchase over the phone.

Him – no no it’s fine this has taken too long as is, I need to get back to work. I’ll call back later.

Me – okay sorry I couldn’t help you complete this and solve your intermittent issue. If it happens again please let us know and we will escalate to IT.

After ending the call I refresh his profile and low and behold there is his new completed order with separate billing and delivery addresses.

Like sir who wins when you lie???


What do you think?

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