The One Where: Karen Refuses To Pay For Legitimate Fees


So there I was, getting used to the credit provider’s policies when this happened. Enjoy. For context, I work for a credit card provider.

> **Customer:** [After security has been done.] Can you discuss everything with my wife, please? She knows more than I do.

I just agreed. Why not? We’re allowed to speak to anyone the customer wants us to after the customer has passed security. Wish for this call the rule didn’t exist.

> **Karen:** What are all these charges on out card?! £4 here, £7.50 there £5 everywhere?! We will NOT be paying them as we did not make them!

*Oooh*, I thought. I’ll pass it through to fraud. So I decided to filter all these charges to give to the team. Lo and behold! There were all charges for taking money out of an ATM/cash machine. Since May 2022. I laughed.

See, when you have a credit card the number one thing that you should *never* do is withdraw something from a machine. There WILL be charges. ALWAYS. Now I knew Fraud would definitely NOT take the call so I had to handle it.

> **Peace:** Ma’am, these charges you mention are legitimate fees as I can see that you are taking money out of a machine. The first one was in May 2022. The exact date and time was on 3/5/2022 @ 14:37. The second one was on 7/5/2022 @ 17:53. The third one was…

> **Karen:** Well I did not agree to these charges so I don’t have to pay anything!

I hit my head onto the desk I think people who were WFH heard the bang.

> **Peace:** Ma’am, but your husband has the credit card. Which means he must have signed our T&C’s. I am able to send over the…

> **Karen:** NO! We will NOT be paying. Then we’ll see what you’re going to do!


Well… They are **definitely** going to pay for the charges. I mean who uses a credit card to take out money from a machine? All credit cards will charge you for doing so.

Customers. They’re a weird bunch sometimes.


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