Customer was poisoned


Okay so, I work a wfh overnight shift for a very well known insurance company. I get a call from an elderly lady inquiring about her life insurance , wanting to know is everything good and paid incase she died. I let her know “I understand but unfortunately, this is the department that handles the auto and renters insurance and only your agent can handle your life insurance.”

(Agent offices are only open Monday-Friday so that would be starting the next day)

and she just breaks down crying saying that a man she trusted put something in her drink. She also informed me that she called 911 and is very scared of what is going to happen. IMMEDIATELY im in shock i do everything that i can to keep her talking (not even caring about metrics at this point if i get fired oh well!!) Im asking her questions and she keeps crying , praying, and thanking me for not hanging up. Im reaching out in the teams chat to my supervisor but she is in a meeting and idk what to do , im still in shock. So I’m asking the customer how is she feeling and is she capable to go to a neighbors door in her apt building.

Customer says she is having a racing heart and now im hearing her words slur when she talks. She lets me know that she is a nurse so she knows when something is off. She asked is the line being recorded I say yes mam. She proceeds to state her name and age then goes on to leave a message to her family. At this point im in full blown tears but trying to keep calm. A few seconds later emergency services come and i believe she gives them the phone because i hear shuffling and then the EMT asks who he is speaking with. I tell him this is (“my name” with, “company’s name”) he goes on to say they will take it from here. And we hang up.

Luckily i had 5 mins left until i go to break so now im just sitting here trying to breathe and calm down praying that the lady will be okay. Usually i don’t get attached to customers but this lady reminds me of my grandma who lives alone and they are the same age. Recently my grandma had forgot if she took her medication one time and took it twice which put her in the hospital. This is only my second week on phones for this job and i will never forget this day.


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