Taking more calls than coworkers – should I speak up?

So the phone system we use allows us to see our coworkers status…I’ve noticed lately I’m taking back to back calls while several coworkers are sitting in “ready” status not doing anything. I’ve been told before the supervisors can code people to different priorities and since I’m a “strong” rep I’m coded high – meaning I take more calls.

Now this is obviously frustrating because people are sitting ready (not working) for 5, 10, 25 minutes while I’m stuck on back to back calls.

I’m debating bringing this up with my supervisor because if I’m working more than others I feel entitled to a raise to reflect the extra work but the company I’m at is very toxic and I’m concerned I’d be retaliated against for bringing it up…

Has anyone else been through this or any input? I have to tough it out at this job for at least another year and a half so I can’t quit at this time.

What do you think?

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