When customers don’t understand something but refuse to let you explain it.


I work in a call center for a credit card and have this lady call in because she didn’t understand her bill. She said the last representative she talked to she didn’t understand so she hung up and that really should have been my 1st warning.

C: So my balance is $525 I really don’t understand how it got there. Could you go over my December statement with me?

Me: Sure. So you ended November with a balance of-

C: I don’t want to hear about what happened in November. I want to know why my balance is where it is now.

Me: To go over your transactions I need to tell you your starting balance then add and subtract transactions from there.

C: Okay go ahead.

Me: So you’re starting balance at the end of November was $300-

C: No I don’t see that on my statement!

Me: That’s because you are holding Decembers statement. Your statements only show you your ending balance so I’m pulling this from your November statement.

C: Yes because I’m worried about December’s statement not novembers!

Me: December’s statement does not show you your starting balance. You have to go from the balance you ended with the previous month which is November and look at the transactions from there.

C: Okay okay….

Realizing “November” seems to be a trigger word for her I tried to leave it off lmao.

Me:…… So you started with a balance of 300-

C: That is not on my statement! Are you looking at the right one?!

Me: Ma’am I just told you it’s on November’s statement….

C: I told you I’m not worried about what happened in November!

Me: Ma’am good bye.*click*

Hopefully I don’t get fired but I just couldn’t take it lmao.

Edit: LOL super weird that you guys keep trying to out me as a liar here. Why would I lie about something so boring?? You reddit detectives are hilarious.


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