Shitty supervisors


So I work for a call center and as a customer support agent I don’t have too many authorizations I can use to help ky clients. I can’t fax anything I can’t email anything etc. we need to ask a supervisor or a team lead to do something to avoid an escalation. Well I was stuck on a 35 minute hold with a customer that was holding me hostage on the phone until they got something faxed to them. My supervisor is gone and will be gone for the next like four or five days so another supervisor that for some reason has issues with me is standing in. I told her and I told another team lead that I needed help faxing documents, customers holding me hostage on the phone. She told me she can’t do it. She can’t fax a document no explanation just I can’t, and no. Then she messages me upset asking me if I wanted to use sick time because I was late for work today. I had signed up for overtime and slept through my alarm. I was up late doing homework eating dinner for the first time because I was so stressed out the whole day. I wasn’t hungry the whole day and taking care of my dog who had just broken a tooth six hours earlier. I couldn’t sleep. So I slept though my alarm to wake up an hour earlier.

I don’t know why she is treating me like this…


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