How else can I get through to people?

I work for a utility company. So the main part of my job it to answer general questions about people’s accounts, helping people set up new ones at new locations, close their ones from the places they moved away from, etc.

This particular customer called in, confused about her bill. I was glad to help and was able to help Dave into what she was confused about. Though it seems she was not able to unclench her teeth from what she was thinking what was going on.

C: customer
M: me

C: hello, yes, I was wanting to make sure my account was closed back on the 30th of December when I originally called to close it. I got his other bill and wanted to make sure I was not being charged anymore.

*we verified and pull up the account *

M: oh yes, this account was closed as you said on the 30th of December. The bill for. $XXX was just the final bill. When the account closes when you take one final meter reading of what power was used since the last film we charge it for and then we see that you.

C: oh, ok. However the bill says it is due on January 20th. I didn’t live there January 20th. I already moved out by December 30th.

M: yes indeed. Even though this is a final bill it works just like a regular one. We give you some time to be able to receive the bill and then pay it after we read the meter for you.

C: But I didn’t live there on January 20th. I shouldn’t be charged for January 20th.

M: I understand. We’re not charging you for January 20th. Again, that’s just the date we issued as it was due before it is considered past due. We’re not charging for the date.

C: but the bill says for January 20th. This bill should go to the owner of the place, not me.

Cue this going back and forth with me stating this in different ways for a couple minutes before I realize I have to I have to take a different approach. I direct her more closely on the bill.

M: do you see on the left side where it says on bold letters, “term of service”?

C: yes.

M: do you see where it says from December 2 to December 30th?

C: yes.

M: ok so that is the dates time period that we are charging for. As you recall, you said that you close this out on 30 December. That’s why that says the term of service ended on the 30th like the bill says.

C: but the top of the bill says January 20th. And also that this was for January 3rd. I didn’t live there from January 3rd through the 20th.

M: and what does it say about January 20th?

C: the bill is due on or before January 20th.

M: right, so that means that we would ask you to pay the bill by that date. That’s the only thing that the 20th is being referred to for asking you to pay the bill by the 20th because that’s when we set it to be due. You mentioned the January 3rd. What does the bill say about the 3rd?

C: the mailing date of the bill is January 3rd.

M: that means that is the date that we actually mail the bill to you. We were the meter on the 30th and compiled a bill for you and then mailed it to you on the 3rd.

A long pause is on the other end of the line. After a while, I then finally tell her again

M: So that’s what I mean. We aren’t charging you for the 3rd through the 20th of January. Those are other details about the bill, particularly of which when it’s due.

C: I want to talk to your manager.

I then got her in touch with my manager and explain the situation and noted it as such. Why is it so difficult to get through to some people?

What do you think?

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