I’m tapping out after only 6 months in.


I’ve worked customer service jobs for over 10 years in different industries, but I could only make it 6 months on the phones at a bank call center. It probably didn’t help that I went Into this job already somewhat burnt out on the service industry.

Customers are far more abusive over the phone than in person. I thought it would be easier dealing with customers over the phone rather than in person, but for me, this wasn’t the case.

The micromanagement that happens at call centers where every second of every day is monitored and you basically need permission for bathroom breaks is insanity. Being scored on sales referrals, booked products, customer satisfaction, call scripting, handle time, schedule adherence, issue resolution, net promoter scores, and every single thing they can find to measure is ridiculous.

I thought I could tough it out until I could get a back office job since the benefits were really good, but I’ve never been this miserable at a job. I’m tempted to not even put a 2 week notice in at this point.


What do you think?

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