Those that have worked in a call center for a while, how did you do it?

I’m only been here for 3 months and have to battle not to quit everyday. It doesn’t help that I work from home. I’m thankful that I do but at the same time it almost feels invasive in a sense bc I’m constantly getting yelled at in the space that was once my “escape” if that makes sense. Like seriously, how did you not quit already? Lol I’m hanging on by a thread and have to talk myself out of just saying fuck it.

What do you think?


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  1. Call center is not easy I have been for several years
    Keeping up the metrics so the TL is not on your tail and the customers are always so angry and at home is hard. I started on site so you felt part of the team. When Covid hit we all went home. When I started I said to myself one call at a time be the best I can on one call at a time we all have had to call customer service and dread it. I just focused on not being what I dreaded one call at a time

  2. Hi, I have worked in a call center for over a year now. I don’t know how to describe it, but I remember there was a point I dreaded going into work because I felt like I couldn’t do it or make my percent to goals. Then I learned how to talk in a customer service voice? It is almost like autopilot. You just pick up on verbiage, tone, and memorization of policies. You start to handle more calls that you recognize. It will feel like there isn’t a situation on a phone call you haven’t handled. I remember I had an elderly gentleman who called and asked what the phone number was to the meat market. I could have said, “Sir, this is T-Mobile.” No. Instead I said, “Of course. And you’re talking about the one in (city, state)?” Then I just googled it and gave him the phone number. Also, it helps when you can see their address in their account. I remember I used to cry over the numbers I would see every other day and then one day, I quit looking at them. I just focused on the actual conversations I was having with the customers. Then I promoted. You got this. I say give it a full year and then decide if you want to head out. (:

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