Silver lining at my job.


I work for a mortgage company that has two separate divisions with two different systems and phone numbers, i had a customer call in today and he was pretty rude, I explained he was calling the wrong company and I only had one loan and it wasn’t the one he was calling for. So he said to me what do you want me to do about it.

I told him well I can’t assist you so I will get you over to someone who can. I transferred him to the phone tree but listened in to make sure he gets where he’s going.

He provides the wrong loan number 5 times and he screams I can’t tell you I don’t know eeeeeetttttttt and the servicing tree says to him whoops it looks like you are having an issue and let me get you over.

So the next question the phone tree asks is basically what this guy wanted. So I hear him screaming representitiveeeeeeee (almost the same inflection as lemongrab from adventure time right?) he keeps doing that and cutting off the phone tree so the phone tree keeps talking over him… to which point this guy screams

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for like 10 seconds this guys screaming, I’m over here laughing my ass off and choking on my tea from laughing so hard I had to disconnect the call because I was choking, but hopefully he got the help he needed


What do you think?

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