Could you be any more vague

It’s Friday, it’s 1610, I’ve had a bad day (including but not limited to picking up an open cereal box upside down). I’ve hit my wall and pretty much searching the emails for any urgent for next week and watching the clock counting down that last 20 minutes.

And that’s when he chooses to call…. Captain vague.

On the introduction he isn’t vague, I get his title, his name, his job title and where he works. I also get his work and geographical history.

But then he tells me what he needs. “I need health and safety and management courses for 60% of 250 people” (so you have 150 people to put through training…. Just say that). I’m not on commission but that’s a nice chunk of bookings.

The problem….. we are a health and safety training company. Choose literally any of our courses worldwide and it comes under the umbrella of health and safety, and probably 50% of them cover management in some format. I tried to get more information out of him but he just kept saying health and safety and management.

“What industry will they be working in?”
“Which elements would you like covered?”
“What jobs roles will the delegates be covering”
“Do you need bespoke courses set up?”


I actually told him I couldn’t help him until he stopped being so vague, but could he email in with what he needed.

Eventually it got to 1625 and I ended up just saying “based on the information you are able to give me, no we cannot help you”

I’ve been in this job a long time and I’ve learnt if someone comes in with this level of information I will end up working on it for weeks only for them to bail at the last minute.

What do you think?

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i am done with training and start calling on monday but already had a few calls on friday and i feel lost already

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