i am done with training and start calling on monday but already had a few calls on friday and i feel lost already

Like the training was fun, just a small group of people of mostly equal experience in call centres (little to none) but friday was the last training day and it was mostly spent listening to calls with experienced callers and occasionally doing an actual call, and also in the main office space with the rest of the team and not in our own classroom

Idk but the whole vibe just soured for me, i felt like i did horribly and the first guy that was supervising my calls made me seem like an idiot and was incredibly rude to me and other people. (He also made sexually charged remarks to customers out of nowhere) and i feel like people have already clocked that i am on the spectrum and are treating me like a child.

My main trainer for example is making inside jokes and small talk with others and when i try to talk with him its like how a teacher reacts to a toddler.

Hopefully it will go better on monday but now i just feel like the whole vibe is going to be toxic and stressful.

What do you think?

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At the end of the day, call center work definitely isn’t for me. It just wasn’t worth the stress in the end.

Could you be any more vague